Harekrushna Sing Purty

What is LOVE?

LOVE is caring.. LOVE is Attractive.. LOVE is Attached.. LOVE is Committed.. LOVE is Attached.. LOVE is committed.. LOVE is Intimate.. LOVE is unconditional.

LOVE is not Manipulation.. LOVE is not Compromising.. LOVE is not Violent.. lone is just meant for sex.. but never ask. ‘What I got after all???’

LOVE is nothing but aword of 4 alphabets for you.. you have never ever tried to feel the enmotions behind these alphabets… LOVE might be a feeling of minutes of physical satisfaction for you.


Harekrushna Sing Purty

What is love?

Relationships have bloomed and so has love. But no one can give the proper definition of love.

I might not define the meaning of LOVE in couple of lines like a philosopher.

But ask me what LOVE is… ask me how LOVE hurts… ask me how to live a life alone being in LOVE… ask me how I have waited for my LOVE in lonely nights… ask me how many nights have seen my eyes in tear without my LOVE… ask me how I sacrificed my life for LOVE… ask me how I hurted myself for LOVE….

Harekrushna Sing Purty

Days Pass by Somehow, buts nights are a wagon of pain

Injuries may healed with time but marks will always remain

Restless on my comfortable bed I toss and turn & try to sleep but thoughts are bulking my head and have formed a huge heap…..

Tearing me apart, breaking me at the seams…

The darkness of my life is more visible in the dark…!!!

Here I am speaking my heart and trying to give it a voice…..

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