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[Oscar TIME] 2019 Golden Awards Red Carpet Special! Emma Shidong was voted “the most delicious in history”: a big collection of superstars.

Emma Stone

Constance Wu Jennifer Lopez Charlize Theron

Rachel Weisz Emilia ClarkeGemma Chan

competition is super intense! 2019 “AV Oscar” shortlisted list exposure.. “Strong newcomer bursts AV days”!

21-year-old Shui-Sakura is the winner of the last newcomer, looks sweet and hot, is a new generation of Tong Yan big breasts!
Even because her G milk is drop-shaped, It is described as “the 10th year of God’s milk”.

There is also 21-year-old Migu Juli’sstrength is also very strong ~
very popular among males, it is said that it has been praised by Qing Shuijian cute and not tempted to have temptation !
after collaboration on the series twice confession courtship XDDDD

Black 涩 涩 亚 「 “” hemispheres go out” picture! Jump to the vest and drop it all…

Siya (Candy) debuted from “I Love Black Skull”, and the exquisite dance skills.
Recently, in the “Improvement Dance” section of the show, she danced to half of the vest and fell off the
underwear. Continue to jump.

Siya was wearing a red hollow vest, hollowed out and cut off the shoulders and waist.
With black hot pants and lapels, the body is all exposed.
Generously shakes the hips and M legs in front of the camera. The little sister really turns to adults. success did not expect to jump half, Addis even the red vest to undo let fall in front of the jacket and continue sexy dance.

Sports underwear is all seen, she still has not stopped dancing. The
fullness of the northern hemisphere is coming out, and the atmosphere is sizzling in an instant.

door to! F milk Yan Xing was dug old history… In the rain, rushing to the “big ball complete の shape”!

movie “Fire Island”

The meaning of the drunkard is not in the wine, because the large-scale movie “Fire Island” that was taken by Zhang Ruizhu in the past is really too
full. Zhang Ruizhu has no cover directly in front of the camera, even the chest sticker is not attached, and the rain is wet. The two “raisins” on the chest are printed directly in front of the eyes. The
more fierce is because of the plot relationship, Zhang Ruizhu also put the looming double peak on the window.

Seeing a Japanese show is actually IN! Goddess bathing soup has a surprise “H big milk ball”… bath towels can’t hold it

Everyone knows that Japanese people like to bathe very much. Some programs are also reporting on hot springs. They also like to find actresses to soak up the soup. By the way, they also stimulated the

recent TV show of XD TVer TV series “わが家のお风吕大赏”, and found 26-year-old body. Qingshui Lanli (Qingshuiyu), who is also a true actress and actor, and a small horse with a violent body of H milk

The program also invited the former member of AKB48 to Ping Xia Hai, but after seeing the previous H milk

This sexy girl is not afraid to go out because of social phobia… But she actually earns a lot of money by relying on “adult live broadcast” to cure the disease!

Have you heard of “social phobia”? This is a mental illness that is strongly fearful or anxious for any social or public situation. A 21-year-old girl, Harriet Sugarcookie, suffers from this mental illness. She locks herself in the room and plays games all day long. She said, “When I find a favorite game, I will play it all at once. It’s been a few hours.” Harriet was shy because of his sexuality, especially in front of men, so he was always in a lonely state. “I was depressed at the time because I felt that I didn’t have a place to watch; I dressed like a dress. A man, always with dark-colored clothes, then shut himself in the room to listen to some disease-free music.” But a friend did not agree with Harriet, and took her photo PO in Reddit’s exotic country. On the plate. However, what Harriet expected was that her appearance was praised by many netizens, which increased her confidence and began to interact with these netizens.

Among them, some admirers suggested that she can start a business and do what she wants. What Harriet thought of was actually the adult industry. She began to share her sex life with the public! She set up a website, blog and Youtube channel, and the audience can even enjoy instant pictures through the video camera, which also allowed her to win the 2016 Best Website
Award from the British adult producer . Harriet described herself as a live anchor, amateur adult actor, model and blogger. She even invites some adult star friends to “film” together. She said, “I just want to show me the most authentic.” Sex life.”

Harriet said that video has made her make a lot of new friends, including six long-term “virtual boyfriends” who communicate with each other on the Internet every day. Online life is very important to her. “The Internet allows me to talk to other people. Talk and become friends. I like to go online because it makes life interesting, and I am somewhat like living in the fantasy world of others.” “I can’t describe the incredible feeling exactly,” Harriet said. “When you log in, you know that there will be a group of friends waiting for you, and you are looking forward to seeing how you live today.” Harriet’s self-satisfied erotic career has achieved unprecedented success, but she still has not forgotten her interest. : Video games. She set up another Youtube channel and invited adult stars to play games with her. Occasionally she will interview adult stars she admires and discuss the issues and culture of the adult industry.

Harriet often receives gifts from fans, and the website does not need to be profitable; her erotic career has earned her a good income and even cured her social phobia and anxiety. In addition to being criticized as a representative of emerging industries, Harriet’s rise also symbolizes people’s pursuit of adult star personality. Her “like-like self-portrait” is more attractive to people than some commercial AV. Although Harriet has achieved these achievements, many netizens have never accepted her approach. It is her to earn money through nakedness and even overcome anxiety.

Metamorphosis day no limit! Demonstration SM fun props AV actress “Faith straight” 19 banned play bad… 2nd place is really exaggerated

Everyone knows that the Japanese program is very dare to shoot and very creative.
Especially in the middle of the night…

“Peach color Y talks about ンキング SHOW” recently invited Yongsong (Nagai) who claimed to be “metamorphic giant gravure idol”すみれ), to demonstrate the experience of the five major “SM fun restraint props.”

If you don’t say anything, you can take it off directly. It’s really sincere.
First of all, this hand and foot restraint board, the light is super shy, and Nagai will also demonstrate for us this ready expression and posture…
really only the Japanese can come up with such a perverted gameplay