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Chicken chops show a chest apology and sincerity!

Actress Ji Pai Mei (Zheng Jiachun) recently launched a photo album, which was originally scheduled to be shipped in the middle of the month.
However, the publisher did not have a large amount of shipping experience, resulting in a delay in shipping date. She recently apologized to the fans on IG and admitted that she would like fans to bear with her. Attached to the photo cover photo apologizes
lying in the bathtub looks quite sexy, but the left half of the chest is suspected to appear “pink halo”
to the netizen surprised and asked: “Is it dew?”

She lies in the bathtub. In the middle, almost the naked upper body only uses the sparse ponytail to cover the spot.
However, the left half of the chest is suspected to reveal a pink areola.

Is it a skirt? This is too short! The Korean women’s team stood up and stood up.

All along, many Korean women’s groups have such problems.
That is to show off the sexy over-the-top, but become vulgar!

However, the Korean entertainment industry is so fierce that there are hundreds of women’s groups every year. It seems that it is justifiable to attract attention. ?

Recently, the Korean women’s team DIA, one of the members of the group Eunice, was taken out for discussion. Wearing a short skirt that was too short during the performance, but lost the original function of the skirt, so often exposed underpants.

Ancient super-morphic cruel contraception… “7 ways to ruin the uterus”

No culture is really scary~
In the modern age of culture, and because women who are not
sophisticated in sex education, there is no need for an incorrect “contraceptive method” . It is absolutely more horrible, but how do ancient people treat contraception?
Today, let’s take a look at the 7 kinds of cruel infertility methods that don’t know the ancients!


1. Soup Contraception
Before the emergence of modern contraceptives, how did the women in the past use contraceptive measures? There are few records in the history books, and there are few in the history. The film and television dramas are also understated. In a movie starring Gong Li, there is such a plot: a niece drinks a soup before she picks up the guest, saying that she will not become pregnant after drinking. Of course, there is no way to find out what kind of ingredients this medicine contains. When it comes to the methods of contraception in ancient times, there are different opinions about it. But I know that it is not good to drink too much…

What kind of ingredients does this medicine contain? There are also many different opinions about the methods of contraception in ancient times. After drinking, I will not be pregnant for a lifetime… But the soup that the prostitute drank should be the water of the persimmon powder, but it is also useful for brewing the persimmon. The contraceptive methods of ancient ordinary women and prostitutes are not the same, and prostitutes use irreversible methods.

2, musk It
is said that the musk can be put into the belly of the prostitute can be contraceptive, such as Zhao Feiyan and Zhao Hede, the two most famous Chinese “eyes”, have recorded such contraceptive measures. Of course, Zhao Feiyan and Zhao Hede can not be called prostitutes, but they are the same. This kind of navel is called “the belly sticker.” Sticking to the navel, you can end the conception of the woman’s belly, and then can not be pregnant, but this “pasta” has been lost.

3, saffron
folks have records, it is said that saffron is the secret contraceptive secret from the court, saying that if the emperor does not like a favored palace lady, it will let the eunuch put the palace lady upside down and clean her lower body with saffron liquid. In this way, the descendants of the palace can be cleaned up, and there are some wild history. After the emperor was lucky, the eunuch would help the woman’s massage and ensure that the emperor’s descendants could not stay in the woman’s body. Can play the role of contraception. It sounds a bit 87…but the ancients are convinced that Ah ~

4, “cold medicine”
Even now, there is no 100% effective contraceptive measure. Wei Xiaobao is the product of contraceptive failure. In the past, many women in the brothel were infertile after a long period of time. They were long-term drinking of a decoction that destroyed fertility. As a result, they were sterilized. They said that they were taking a contraceptive medicine called “cold medicine” and also containing musk ingredients. Will affect fertility, but not necessarily sterilization.

5, drink mercury
also take the method of drinking mercury, mercury can be contraceptive, but mercury is highly toxic, perhaps may drink a small amount will not die. Now, in the northern rural areas of our country, many elderly people use the method of drinking mercury contraception when they are young, which is definitely harmful to the body. Therefore, in the past, the teas or daily foods of the prostitutes were put in a small amount of mercury. It is said that the effect is very good. Of course, the prostitutes are kept in the drums. They think that they are contraceptive incense burners, otherwise the prostitutes know Mercury is poisonous and dare not drink! Mercury contraception according to modern scientific research, does have its truth. Mercury can cause menstrual disorders in women. It has been reported that the incidence of menstrual disorders is 2-3 times higher than that of the normal control group in the long-term exposure to the highest allowable concentration of working environment mercury vapor. Commonly, the amount of menstruation is excessive, menstrual extension and dysmenorrhea. There are also people with too little menstrual flow and fewer days. Mercury can pass through the placental barrier, causing miscarriage or premature birth.

6. Persimmon pedicle
also has a folk remedy, saying that 7 persimmons are baked with tiles, and they are eaten for 7 days in a row. It is taken with cold water and can be used for one year of infertility, but can not eat persimmons within one year. . If you want to get pregnant, eat 7 more persimmons. It sounds like some evil. However, according to modern medical research, persimmon pedicle contains oleanolic acid and birch white acid. It is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine with ginseng and clove powder to make persimmon line powder, which has the effect of reducing gas and stopping phlegm. The flowers, roots and skin of persimmons are also very good medicines. Persimmon trees can be said to be all treasures. During the Republic of China, a book written by a prostitute similar to a memoir introduced the plot of contraception. It was said that before picking up the guest, the old man would let himself drink a soup. The soup tastes sour and sweet, and it is very good. After drinking, I will not be pregnant for a lifetime… But the soup that the prostitute drank should be the water of the persimmon powder, but it is also useful for brewing the persimmon.

7, toxic drugs
In ancient China, modern prostitutes used certain toxic drugs in traditional Chinese medicine for contraception. For example, mercury was used in the past, and arsenic or strychnine was used for contraception. Although the use of these drugs in large doses would cause death, However, the use of small doses can kill the fetus in the abdomen. Therefore, prostitutes who use this method of contraception are permanently and irreversibly infertile for life, often when they start being a prostitute, the old man secretly drugs it!