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Bakuchichi female fake fall and smile, pose “Hot milk two pop-ups” was bombarded… “She” occupied the red carpet for 6 minutes and was sour: red carpet bound spirit

This Cannes Film Festival
really has many Chinese actors to attend.
Not only is Zhang Zhen a member of the jury.
The proportion of Chinese invited is also increasing year by year.
But in this international occasion,
if it’s a slap,
it’s the Chinese’s face network. Lost!

This blasted net red
Although it looks a bit old,
but the delicate makeup and the body of the blasting are
quite attractive to everyone,
but she won’t stop doing a good
job. fall
if the actress’s long skirt
coupled with high-heeled shoes Hentian
fall is inevitable but sop after she fell
really is a very exciting one go
smirk swing pose stroke layout
is really exhausted life Yeah

Burst milk almost pop
it out a plan perspective
really is quite crowded intentions of the usual look at Mimi’s fine retouching
as well as on the side of the red carpet to shoot

However, there is a mountain in the mountains.
On the same day, the Japanese model of the US and the United States, Sugawara, was
even more smashed for 9 minutes.
Is this the rhythm of the red carpet?

fashion magazine street shooting hidden well! Zhengmei puts on a “striking shorts” and a side shot. The netizen turns over: it seems to be a white tiger (9P)

We usually have to update their aesthetics in fashion and
look at the streets of the influx of people on the street shooting it ????
photographer will dress fashion passers-by turned into Atlas
everyone to enjoy together various outfit
Recently, a group of fashion street shoot
in The network was madly forwarded
because the white
trousers inside the pants are too short and the whole light
is gone !!! The frontal look has already made people blushing and the heartbeat is quite tight and her pants are too shorts

Wonderful scenery will be pilgrimage! After the hot show, the adult dinner “four pairs of super-grand elders” put on the table… net hard: full of light

in addition to thirty AV actress outside Japan to Taiwan
, “Taiwan actress + chip single point I Portals”
In fact, Taiwan’s hot mold wear is quite “good faith”
scenes backstage photos even more people to see Dumbfounded
This light is dizzy…..The
four breasts will not be too intense. The four pairs of big breasts, super eye-catching, the
usual view of God is full of happiness…?

Korea’s most beautiful natural goddess 4ni! Song Zhixiao’s debut 16 years of acting and body are all too foul.

It is Song Zhixiao (송지효) !
Yesterday ( 8/15 ) was her birthday at the age of 37, but I felt that I was 27 years old at most. My real name was “Thousands of Forests” and I changed it to “Thousands of Shows”.My original name is quite handsome.

from the role of “The Palace – My Barbaric Princess” in 2006.
But this popularity can be said to be biased towards negative, because it is a role to grab the actor and cause many disgusts. I mentioned that the hero of the Korean drama “The Palace – My Barbaric Princess” was the hotline of “Going with God 2”.
This treasure found that many people may not have seen it or know it is a pity. After that, I thought that I’m going to be the heroine from the second. seat but she first starred in the film industry fought “Sex Is Zero 2” has been considered a large-scale open.

However, I did not expect that the film “Frost Flower Shop” that she released in 2008 was slain.
Just because of the scale problem, and the opponent’s play is the popular actor Zhao Yucheng, which caused the fans to rebound.

No ads, no drama to find the door
Song Zhixiao changed to variety development, then RunningMan was just a new program just started.
She was one of the hosts and followed the show together at home and abroad~~

But Song Zhixiao’s most favorite thing is that she is cheerful and individual. The traits
are often not afraid of the show, the rate of sleep is tired, both men and women like it.