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Marilyn Monroe mid-century sex symbol

Marilyn Monroe, best known for being a mid-century sex symbol, is rarely thought of as a fitness icon, but during a 1952 interview with LIFE magazine, she revealed that she exercised regularly. Monroe was a devotee of yoga and enjoyed practicing. It was a fact she didn’t publicise much and there are few photographic records of her doing yoga. However, in 1948 there were are handful of black and white photos taken by Ed Cronenweth, and a couple there after. Marilyn learned yoga from Indra Devi, who many consider to be the “The First Lady of Yoga”

Angelina Jolie was 15 years old

Angelina Jolie was 15 years old at one of her first photo shoots by photographer Harry Langdon
Photographer Harry Langdon was the first to portray her so young, at a time when she started her years of modeling. The pictures were sold by auction house Profiles in History, as part of their Original Vintage Glamour Photography.

Brigitte Bardot

She later modeled for a fashion magazine and began a career as an actress. Her films of the early and mid 1950s were generally lightweight romantic dramas, some historical, in which she was cast as ingénue or siren, often in varying states of undress. Roger Vadim was not content with this light fare. The New Wave of French and Italian art directors and their stars were riding high internationally, and he felt Bardot was being undersold. Looking for something more like an art film to push her as a serious actress, he showcased her in And God Created Woman (1956) with Jean-Louis Trintignant. The film, about an immoral teenager in a respectable small-town setting, was an international success.

High Waist Shaping Denims – Tropical Fashion

We always dress up to hold back and be formal.

But all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

If you’ve had a stressful week and need to unwind this look is for someone like you!

Make your way to the weekend by letting it go and feel free.

Crop tops are my favorite when it comes to casual dressing. And with this soaring summer a cotton crop top becomes my most preferred apparel piece.

A blue and yellow crop top that hasfloral prints on it sure adds a tropical vibe to the entire look.

It is important that the entire outfit is in harmony and hence I chose to go with a pair of basic blue denims that would go with any colour crop top.

Denims are super comfortable and you canchose to go ahead with a high waist denim or low waist depending on the shape of your body.

If you have that flat tummy and are comfortable, go ahead and flaunt those curves 😉 When it comes to accessorizing and make up in this summer I prefer to keep it low. Too many accessories can cause irritation that may even lead to skin allergies.

The make-up may also wear off if you are going to stay outdoors, so try and stick to a basic make up look.

Top 6 creatures with transparent Body

Glasswing butterfly

The glasswing have no scales on large portions of their wings, creating clear windows to the background behind them.

Ghost shrimp

It is also known as glass shrimp, this translucent crustacean is a popular pet. its natural habitat is in the brackish water of wetlands.

Glass frog

It has a transparent under belly allowing you to see a fully visible system of organs. these are very tiny which measures 2-8 centimetres and live in the canopies of central and south american rain forests.

Tortoise shell beetle

The tortoise shell beetle is not completely transparent, but it does have a carapace that is nearly invisible. the purpose of the transparent outer shell is to fool potential predators.

Glass catfish

It is one of the most transparent vertebrates on the planet and most of its organs are located near the head. they live in slow moving streams throughout thailand, malaysia and Indonesia.

Transparent jumping spider

This particularly scary in light of its transparent head and piercing eyes. they have some of the best vision among arthropods and moves with lightening speed.