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Top 5 Best Funny Youtubers In India

For the fast-paced tech savvy world, visiting YouTube is almost like performing a daily prayer. It is one of the most entertaining and educative media on social network. Numerous videos get uploaded every passing hour. Recognizing the craze of the YouTube culture in the current scenario, these dynamic individuals with a creative streak and the knack of recognizing the nerve of the consumer world are writing their own destinies. They have carved a niche for themselves in the techno-world by becoming the most followed YouTubers in the world of entertainment via YouTube.

Here’s the list of Top 5 Best Funny Youtube Channels in India:

  1. BB Ki Vines

BB Ki Vines is run by an Indian YouTuber, Bhuvan Bam. He established his YouTube channel in mid-2015. Bhuvan Bam is a music composer and stage performer.Bhuvan Bam started making vines and YouTube videos after checking his new phone’s camera. His videos became a popular on YouTube very quickly with each video reaching about million views and huge number of subscribers. Most of the videos portray the different characters in Bhuvan’s life such as his heavily tech-ignorant father and deeply sensitive mother who cries at the drop of a hat. There are different series as well such as Angry Masterji and Dr. Sehgal. Not much has been revealed about Bhuvan’s life, neither through his videos nor through his facebook page. Bhuvan was born in New Delhi, India. Bhuvan did his early education in Green Fields School and then attained a degree from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College.


2. Ashish Chanchlani Vines

Internet comedian and entertainer who has garnered popularity on his ashish chanchlani vines YouTube channel. He has amassed over 1.8 million subscribers there for his original comedic vignettes and parodies, as well as his own personal vlogs. He began his YouTube channel on July 6, 2009. His channel has amassed a combined 169 million views, with videos such as “That one friend who sings all songs confidently with wrong wrong lyrics PART 3 DESPACITO” earning nearly four million views alone. He was born and raised in Ulhasnagar and me too.


3. Harsh Beniwal

Harsh Beniwal Age 21 Years Old, He born in Delhi, India. His Father, Mother (Parents) Name Not Known. He has one sister name not known. Harsh Beniwal completed Bachelors of Computer Applications (B.C.A.) from Shri Aurobindo College. He is currently unmarried and is in relationship with Meghna Gupta. He is Sikhism by Religion and Sun Sign Aquarius. He is Actor and Viner. He was born in Delhi. He started his YouTube Carrer In the year 2015.


4. Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana is an Indian comedic video youtuber and video creator. He belongs from Delhi and he makes his videos on Haryana’s language and Delhi language. He has earned more than 700,000 subscribers on his youtube channel and he has taken place in the hearts of viewers for his comedy in videos. He publishes his videos on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook. He has got so much fame and followers through his creativity. He has good looks and his most of the videos are based on girls vs boys videos. Where he brings so many creative ideas.


5. CarryMinati

CarryMinati is an Indian YouTuber who makes videos roasting other YouTuber. He is funny, witty and hilarious. He has also roasted India’s YouTube celebrities such as AIB, Bhuvan Bam( BB Ki Vines) and Kamal R Khan. Ajey started his 2nd channel with the name of Carry Deol in 2014 and renamed it to “Carry Minati” later in 2015. Ajey privated tons of videos on this channel for some unknown reason. The oldest video on his channel “CarryMinati” is Cod gost rant in Hindi in which he ranted the game really bad. After Cod gost rant he uploaded another video which goes with the title India cs: go in which he talked about the problems he had with the game when he plays it multi-player. As of now he has about to complete 2 million subscribers on Youtube.

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Sex position for pregnancy

Position 1

  • This position is not preferrable for pregnant women especially for the late pregnancy weeks, in which there may be an unexpected pressure on abdomen in an uncontrolled way. This may lead to gestational sac damage and early water break and eventually a premature baby may need a long medical attention. Sex should continue during pregnancy but you should find the least harmful way without increasing the pressure in the abdomen.

Position 2

  • This position is one of the mostly loved ones not only by the pregnant women but also everyone. This is the leader of the pregnancy sex positions because it does not increase the pressure in abdomen and thus leaves no risk of water break. You should be careful to give the pressure to knees and ankles to avoid stomach pressure. Both clitoris and the G-spot is avoked in this position and it gets orgasm easier even subsequently. All the couples, especially pregnant ones, can continue with their relationship through this position.

Positon 3

  • Almost all women can have an orgasm in this position easily. This position does not increase the pressure of the abdomen and so it is one of the mostly chosen positions of all phases of pregnancy. As woman is more active than man, she can control the moves, adjust the time of the intercourse and the depth of the penis in vagina. This position is  also a favorite for men. Men can prolong their duration and early coming is generally not a problem for this position. Clitoris is evoked easily and as the control is with the woman, orgasm can be adjusted accordingly. Pregnant women can use this position comfortably. The only thing to be careful about is that if the penis is longer than the average, the depth should be controlled as this may cause some pressure in the vagina. This control is in the hands of women.

Positon 4

  • This position is one of the safest ones in pregnancy. Both man and woman gives the least effort in this position. The depth of penis in vagina can easily be controlled by man. The stimulation of the G-spot in vagina is also possible. This position should be chosen especially in the late weeks of pregnancy. As for all the positions in pregnancy, breasts should not be stimulated in this, too. Breast stimulation may lead to cramps in uterus and may even lead to early delivery. Man should go back during ejaculation, too. This position is a spice for late pregnancy times.

Position 5

  • As woman is in a passive position, she spends less energy in this. Man is active and can easily control the penetration depth. This position is convenient for every stage of pregnancy. Clitoris stimulation is easier and G-spot stimulation is less. Breasts should be avoided again. Ejaculation should be out of the vagina. This position can be combined with others during pregnancy.

Position 6

  • This position is not harmful for pregnancy but woman is more active and spends more energy so it may cause a quick tiredness. Although the stimulation of clitoris and G-spot is good, this position is not very preferrable on the side of women because pregnant women normally should avoid excessive effort in all times and conditions. This can be applied as a complement to other positions in very short times. All the intercourse with this position is not reccomended.

Counter Position

Kitchen has always been the entrance to the fantasies and this position of the kitchen counter is just for those who love changes in their sex lives. The woman lays on the counter and man takes the lead standing up. Control stays with the man and as he can go deep into vagina, orgasm gets easier. This can be called the ‘’appettizer of the orgasm’’.

Standing up:

This is a position for women because there is both a hug and the penetration of penis in vagina is full. Man and woman are face to face. Woman is against the wall cuddling the man with her legs. This is one of the favorite positions of muscled men and for women who like to challenge their partners. After some time, legs tremble because of the huge use of power nad adrenalin stays up. If the man is weak, a possible fall down should be thought before.

Spoon Position

As it is always said, women needs to feel love during sex. This position, as it is very emotional, is just for the women. Man and woman lay side by side looking at the same direction. Man approaches woman from the back. It is not very convenient for orgasm but it is a remedy for those who like to have sex while cuddling each other. Men generally find this position a bit soft and glib.

Scissors Position

Opposing to counter position, woman takes the lead in this. Man lays on his back and puts his knees up while woman takes a position like riding a horse and sits one leg on the side of the man’s hip, another between the man’s legs. The depth, speed or the amount of pressure are all controlled by the woman.

X Position

This one is a little bit complicated. Man and woman are face to face and they cross their legs like scissors. In short, it is a kind of missionaire but the coupke is laying side by side. It would be okay to say that position is for trained bodies because it restricts your moves and the penetration gets a bit difficult.